Welcome to Matt Carney’s blog… A writer’s blog…

This is the first of many posts, which, I hope, will bring you into the mind and the process of story creation. I expect this environment to be used as a free exchange of ideas and commentary, and often, even debate. Hopefully, this blog may even inspire you toward your more creative persuits.

     Most who know me have come to know a person who is engaged with the world on many levels. I am a steady consumer of world events, and a student of human behavior, and it’s out of the soup of our world and our people that my worlds, and the characters that inhabit them, are given life. My stories will take you to settings familiar and unfamiliar alike, where you will traverse the uncomfortable terrain of conflict and struggle. In the characters I create you will find the  elements of strength and weakness which shape us all, though explored through the focused lense of plot. Above all, however, the tales I spin are mirrors that will entertain you with the goal of giving you a new perspective on our own story, where we are the characters, and where the world is ours.

    Welcome to a writers blog.

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